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Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
Coffee time.....
Oooh, look, there's still some Cheesecake in the fridge :hyper:


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Morning .
That wasn't nice!
I dreamt I was having one of my funny turns . I try to sleep them off when I do have them, a first to dream about them . As usual with dreams some things didn't make sense but I have woken up with some of my symptoms . It could explain why I felt tired yesterday . I will take things easy today .

I had a funny dream two nights ago Mrs p got rid of the dining table and replaced it with the ironing board
Cold and blustery here chez Casa Reynard, with occasional torrential showers.

So of course, I had chosen this morning to meet up with a friend and go for a walk with her and the dogs. Actually, it was good fun in spite of the wild weather.

It's almost lunch time and I has a hungry. :hungry: There's a steak sandwich with my name on it.

The afternoon will be filled with kitchen time and some bike fettling. I *really* need to give Max the MTB a bit of a bath and then I'll need to oil the drive train.


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I bought a different brand of bread than usual and the slices are too big to fit properly in my toaster😠


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Wass going to whinge about the bog awful courier company SIS & Wiggle employ. As they failed to deliver packages from both companies despite me paying for next day delivery...... They both arrived by taxi today???
Was also moaning about the lack of longevity of my track pump, "only had it two years and it's buggered already!" Anyway, was taking it to pieces to see if it was repairable, parts replaceable, it's not, they're not. And some how, I fixed it by pulling it apart!!! Yay me!


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Can't be. It's the British GP at Silverstone that weekend. It nearly always rains. :laugh:
I was there in 2009 at the invitation of Renault with my then 4yo (who now races bikes). It was absolutely freezing.

He got to sit in the car and the pit girls were great with him.

Me? I got a T-shirt and an interesting day out.

Lewis Hamilton won from memory and my son fell asleep 2 laps into the main race, waking up at the end.
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