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The rain is back and I'm inside a tin can :laugh:
Before I post in the "wanted" section...

Am hoping to do a little favour for a non-bike-savvy friend who has discovered that plastic brake levers don't exactly inspire confidence. He rides a Raleigh MTB of similar type and age to my Max. I do have a pair of Chang Star levers, but they're for side pull calipers of a decidedly earlier vintage.

So do any Mundaners have a pair of 4 finger alloy MTB brake levers suitable for cantilever brakes in their parts bins that they'd be happy to, err, part with? :scratch:

I have a nice stash of shiny pennies in my piggy bank.

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If I were to buy everything suggested to me by Facebook Marketplace I would own everything from a three piece suite, a pink Barbie bike, an ancient Toshiba hi-fi, a trailer load of firewood, a Rover 45, a job lot of ladies shoes and a distributor cap for an Opel Kadett.:wacko:

I tempted to use these suggestions as ideas to write a new series of Only Fools and Horses!
And about bl**dy time, too.
Good morning. Forecasts were of apocalyptic storms and snow on high ground; I knew this would happen when I took the winter tyres off the bike.

All seems quiet at the moment; will have to see how things look when I pull the shutters up.
That'll be Hermes - I'm quite happy with the local branch's service. Oddly enough I also ordered some bits from Wiggle on Friday using standard delivery and SiS on Saturday night using 'next day' delivery (I got it for a year free on offer) and both were delivered this afternoon. Small pack of Haribo in with the Wiggle delivery as well:thumbsup:
I heard that Hermes have been taken over by an American company and have cut the driver's wages .
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