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Moved home a couple of months back, slowly adjusting things to suit how we live, and bigger projects (wall out, new kitchen carport, etc., etc.) lined up, but one thing to sort is music in the house.

I've a load of CD's, and a even some vinyl, but never play any of them, in fact no longer have a CD player or turntable, everything is streamed from our Spotify Premium account. We want music in the sitting room, kitchen and study. We have just about everything Apple make - iPhones, iPads, MacBook, and I'm typing this on an iMac - so whatever we buy needs to work with Apple stuff.

Previously we have streamed everything via an old Samsung laptop and Spotify to an old Harmon Kardon SoundStick* system. Worked well enough but needed wire connection and thought in the WiFi/BT age we might find something better.

We are also about to invest in a new TV, nothing too big, probably a 43" LG and a sound bar, probably this one:

So, thoughts please, what should I buy? Sonos is an obvious choice, but sort of resent their market dominance, is there anything else? Not looking for the cheapest but we are not HiFi fundis either, so not looking to spend a fortune.

*Loved the Soundstick, sounds great and the latest version is BT, so that might be an option for the sitting room. Could I drive the TV audio through it as well? WIRELESS_color=Clear-EMEA-Current&cgid=wireless-speakers#start=1


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For the kitchen I just use a Bluetooth speaker paired with my smartphone.

The lounge has a more complicated bit of kit but is very versatile and has great sound quality:

Rpi 3 or 4 wireless to Router
Moode Audio (or Volumio etc etc) software installed onto the Rpi (it caters for Spotify premium)
HifiBerry Digi+ HAT (this fits on top of the Rpi and extracts the I2S signal
DAC (fed from HifiBerry)

I store all my CD music (FLAC) on USB drives for the Rpi so ultimately I can play USB drives or access Internet Radio and (if I had an account) Spotify.

Moode is accessed via http so you just need an old smartphone/tablet to use as a remote (I use an ipad)

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No, not got Sky. Not getting it either. Got Netflix and Amazon Video.

Trying to avoid HiFi separates, tbh. Really want it simple as possible.

I’m thinking short term that I could Use a BT receiver plugged into my SoundStick system and run it straight off my phone or iPad.
I use Denon HEOS for streaming music across the house. Sound bar under the TV, medium speaker in the front from, small speakers outsides and in the kitchen. All wifi, and I can stream music from either from spotify, amazon, pandora or music server. Even to setting up different music in each room if I wanted to. So far no problems after about 18 months of use. It all runs from my iphone and I can add more speakers easily. There's even a small HEOS amp if you want to stream to speakers you already own.


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I really dislike the idea of being a slave to some music streaming service so that I have to pay in perpetuity to have music. I much prefer to have my own collection. After all, as an old fart I own lots of vinyl albums, CDs, and I use an iPod Video v5.5 which is now a dinosaur itself. I have played the drums since I was 12 and my son plays the bass. And my wife can't seem to do anything without having some sort of music going. And since my residence is long term but not permanent I don't see the point in investing in substantial sums of money installing built in whole house sound systems so I can pump music throughout the house. When I want to listen to music, I want to really listen to music. As a result, my son has a 2 channel stero system that I put together for myself years ago. But it's pretty sweet. It's a Harman Kardon stero receiver with a pair of Silverline Audio Minuets and a Polk subwoofer. Then in our living room we have a Marantz 5.1 AVR receiver with a mix of speakers. A pair of Paradigm Titan bookshelf speakers paired with a Cambridge Soundworks center speaker, a pair of Dayton Audio rear satellite speakers and a Cambridge Soundworks 15" Bass Cube. Originally the entire system was Cambridge Soundworks but the pair of front speakers and the rear satellites blew out (my sister in law is to blame). I had the Paradigms in a closet because I had blown the tweeters out. I took them to a Paradigm dealer and they replaced the tweeters for me. Those things sound awesome. That system is paired with a Samsung 52" LCD TV. Then in the basement I have another Harman Kardon 5.1 AVR receiver hooked up to an entirely Klipsch speaker system. I think the subwoofer is 12" and the front speakers are towers. I have a Rega Planar 1 turntable hooked up to it and we have a Samsung 65" LCD TV down there. That tends to function as the real "sound den". The vinyl is down there and I'll use my iPod down there as well. My drums are down there as well so it's pretty much devoted to music and the not so infrequent movie watching. We aren't much for gaming but we have that capability down there as well. In addition my wife has a Bose bluetooth portable speaker that she likes to move around the house with her. My son has a smaller one as well. I never felt the need. As I see it, I plan to continue to buy more vinyl and will download some music or buy the CDs so they can get loaded onto my iPod which spends most of it's time in my car.

Just get yourself one nice sound system that can do everything including be a surround system for a large screen TV. If you can afford another one for the bedroom or library/mancave, more power to ya.


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We have a Yamaha Music Cast amp (Yamaha MusicCast WXA-50 Streaming Amplifier) and plus a speaker in the kitchen and one in the bedroom, they do a range of different amps and speakers, it connects directly to Spotify we have it on one of the presets, internet radio can be set on the presets, I can recommend Radio Paradise,
I have all my music on a NAS drive, and it all connects through wifi, there is a Music Cast app as well, I use the Bubble PNP app to play my music but there are a lot of alternatives.
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I really dislike the idea of being a slave to some music streaming service so that I have to pay in perpetuity to have music. I much prefer to have my own collection. After all, as an old fart I own lots of vinyl albums, CDs
I agree with this. Nothing comes remotely close to turning on a good quality seperates stack and sitting back in a comfortable chair. Cannot see the appeal in all this streaming nonsense when it comes to music. Unless you are tight for space a sound set up should be picked on how it sounds, not how it looks.

If you want music in three rooms just buy a reasonable pair of active speakers and connect to your phone or laptop. Spending hundreds if pounds on gimmicks will not get you a better sound.
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This whole thread has my "Mind In A Bind" to quote the record by The Epsilon's.

I'll just go and stick an LP on the turntable.

Just out of interest, especially as there was a lot of discussion on here about paying £4.00 a month for Strava how much a month is this Spotify thingamajig?
£10 a month


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My lad pays for Spotify family, I am just a family member on his account, the content isn't tailored to the masses, its tailored to you, I have discovered to great music using Spotify, @Roger Longbottom you will find some Northern Soul on there, but not everything.
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My partner has Sonos and considering the price I'm really not impressed. The portable speaker is only as good as bt ones a quarter of the price. If i were you, I'd install ceiling speakers in the kitchen, and wherever else you need space. If you want a bigger sound and can afford the space then some nice floor speakers or bookshelves. You could either hook them up to one amp, or to multiple amps. 2nd hand ones can be had for £50 if you don't mind an older one with no remote or Bluetooth. Attach a Bluetooth receiver to the amp and stream away. You could do all that for under 200 quid I'd have thought.
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