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  1. I would like to listen to music, podcasts and books offline. It is something I have not done before and would appreciate suggestions as to what app to use. I am happy to pay a subscription.
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    I use Black Player for listening to FLAC and MP3 files - it's free but you can pay for a more advanced version if you really want. I copy the files I want to listen to into the Music folder on my Android phone rather than connect to any cloud sources, so it should tick your "offline" box. I remember reading an article on the ten best free music players for Android and picking it from that list, but I can't find that article now.
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    I use the Black Player as well. I have micro SD cards in both my tablet and phone , and just copied the music folder from my desktop to both.
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    If you have a PC you could download ITunes which you can import your CDs to and then sync it to your android with double twist or similar. HiByMusic is a very good music playing app, best I've tried.
    Kindle have a android app.
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    I discovered that Amazon lets me download MP3 copies of all the CDs that I have ever bought from them so I did that. I don't normally listen to music on the go, but when I started going to the dentist again I wanted something nice to listen to in an attempt to drown out (some of***) the scary sounds of dentistry!

    *** I hadn't realised that dental drilling transmits an awful lot of sound by bone conduction, and music through earpieces doesn't help with that.
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    I've a micro sd card in the phone, on which I store all my music. Then I use VLC, which is a free open source app, to listen to it. VLC is really easy to use with a simple but affective interface and works like a charm, there's no need to sync anything or faff around trying to find stuff, it just works. My wife uses VLC to listen to audio books and again has no issue.

    VLC also has an app for windows and Mac and I use this to watch films, something the mobile app will also do, though again, I've never tried it on the phone.

    Edit: Here's the link to their website, though they are also on the Google play store:
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    Antenna for podcasts
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    Yes! You can use BBC iplayer to download a lot of their output for listening to later when you might not have an internet connection. It is DRM stuff which means it has a limited life. 28 days or something.
    The options suggested above are good, BlackPlayer is very good, I have not tried MediaMonkey but thanks Ffoeg I will have a try.
    Most android phones and slabs have the clunky and very limited "play music" app that poorly catalogues files, it works but its not a pleasant experience.
    Your post suggests you want access to media as well as the ability to listen to it offline. The only paid for service I use is itunes, if I am not telling granny how to suck eggs with iTunes, you just pay up front for individual books, albums, song tracks, no subs. You have the file and do what you want with it, it is "AAC" format and I am pretty sure all android devices are native format for AAC. Google play has a shop of course but I have not looked to see how large their media vault is. Spotify have a premium subscription service and I think the offline limit for music tracks is 10,000.
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