1. jongooligan

    Android HRM

    Can anyone recommend an Android HRM app and chest strap combo please? My old setup is no good as I can no longer see the reading on the wristwatch sized screen. Don't want to use the camera to monitor HRM plus my phone is a 2015 model with bluetooth connectivity but not much else. I know that...
  2. G

    Using an Android phone app to follow an mtb route

    Hi, I have a old phone and being a tight g1t I am wondering if I can use an app on it to navigate a route rather than buying a bike computer. So with audio notifications if you go wrong etc. Is this something Strava offers - I'm having a look but I must be missing it as I can see lots on how...
  3. S

    Easyroutes Android workaround???

    I can't use easyroutes from my phone as it's iOS only. We have an iPad in the house and I've found the app easy to use, quick and of course it's free. I'm about to buy a wahoo element bolt and have the following questions. Following dcrainmakers advice I can export the route as a .fit file and...
  4. Blue Hills

    Android security

    BBC News - One billion Android devices at risk of hacking Posted to you dear folks from public wifi on a tab running android 6, which i am pretty certain will never update again. Should i worry?
  5. Blue Hills

    Recommend an android keyboard please.

    Google gboard on my android tab has stopped. Tried various things but no dice. To playstore to get a new one, but, doh! Cant search it as my gboard isn't working. So insfalled one i could get at by browsing. But not happy with it, concerned may harvest data. So, while i at least have...
  6. tincaman

    Honor 7X Android phone, 64gb/4Gb/6" £92 BIN, free postage if bought from here privately, message me first, don't purchase on ebay
  7. contadino

    Android HRM app?

    Hello all, I'm thinking of getting a bluetooth heart rate monitor, but I don't want to sign up to any of the apps that do who-knows-what with all the data they take. Currently I use Osmand on an old phone with no SIM card on my handlebars for directions, and what I'm after ideally is something...
  8. PaulSB

    Android and FB Messenger Backup

    I use a Moto G6 on which I want to perform a Factory Reset. I've run a backup to my Google account. I'm unsure if this will include conversations in Facebook Messenger. I have some which I don't want to lose. Obviously these will still be available on my FB on my laptop. Am I correct in...
  9. potsy

    Android Auto..

    Talk me through what it can do, and how we'll it does it. Do you need a top of the range Smart Phone, or will any half decent one do? Is it as good using Google maps as a built in Sat nav? I did ask @I like Skol earlier but may as well have asked the dog :rolleyes: ^_^
  10. steveindenmark

    Music offline on my android

    I would like to listen to music, podcasts and books offline. It is something I have not done before and would appreciate suggestions as to what app to use. I am happy to pay a subscription.
  11. stephec

    Recommend me an Android browser please.

    I've just changed phones and don't like the web browser on my new one. Unfortunately I can't remember what was on the old phone, so now I'm open to suggestions as to what to use.
  12. cyberknight

    android phone help

    My new phone plays the general notication sound when it sends a text, i cant for the life of me see why it does this and i would like to turn it off android 7 moto c plus
  13. Drago

    Paranoid Android

    Right peeps, I need your help with a computer related quirk. As you know my knowledge of computers falls short of switching on a Sinclair ZX80, you your insight and advise would be appreciated. I normally surf the web on a newish Samsung Galaxy A9 tablet. Its a nice bit of kit, 4G too so good...
  14. Salty seadog

    Recommend me an android keyboard.

    I used to use Swype keyboard and it was fantastic but no longer available. I prefer to swype rather than tap type on the phone. I have been using Swiftkey but it is awful and just doesn't come up with the words I want a lot of time and keeps selecting special characters etc. So, your...
  15. lazytyke

    Good value Android phone to run Komoot whilst touring

    Having had lots of "fun" with my Garmin whilst touring, I'm keen to try running Komoot directly on an android phone instead. I already have I phone for day to day use and comms, so just looking for a cheapish android, with good battery life that would run Komoot. Any experience/suggestions...
  16. swee'pea99

    Any android gurus out there? HELP!

    Just got a telegram message from a mate who's out in Vietnam, concerned about an 'update alert' he just received. (He doesn't do's a long story.) Anyway, this is it: When I google it, I get a less than reassuring array of hits: He's a bit freaked out by this, not least because...
  17. Shut Up Legs

    CC not loading on my Android phone

    Since today, I can load any other web site on my Android phone (a Samsung Galaxy S5), but not CC. I tried it using both web browsers installed on the phone: Samsung Internet, and Google Chrome. I've tried clearing Samsung Internet's data, also tried restarting the phone in normal mode, then...
  18. U

    Android Find My Device issue

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