musical dissection on BBC4


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Just watching one of those programs in this BBC4 season about pop / rock, and it is just so sterile.

The BBC4 jazz ones are good, because that's like shooting retarded fish in a barrel.

There was one the other night where they tried to understand the perfect pop song, and some musicologist looked self-satisfied and all emotional listening to rap music.

I felt like puking an eternal puke.


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A bit like when our music teacher at school in the late 70s attempted to be cool by dissecting "In the City" by the Jam. Stick to your leather elbow patches, nerdemeister-general, cos the kids know where it's at, and it ain't visiting your suburban cul-de-sac, no waysville! :biggrin:


Saw the one last night. Not much cop, and now I have "Poison Arrow" by ABC stuck in my head.


I saw a bit of one last night where they were discussing eighties music. They had Jazzie B from Soul II Soul on there, who was reasonably interesting when they were talking about genres he was interested in, but just said "Don't know nuffin' about that, didn't listen to it" whenever the conversation didn't involve soul or rap music.
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