My 2006 Specialized Hardrock Sport

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No nice scenic photos of my bikes I'm afraid:tongue:
This is my general getting around town/commuter. It's an absolute rock:biggrin:
Currently running it singlespeed (42 16) which is a slight pain for the hill at the end of my eight mile commute, but getting easier! Nicely worn in Brooks B17, DMR V8 pedals and Marathon Plus tyres (not one p****re in nearly 3000 miles). Usually has a rear rack and panniers but they are being borrowed.
Bought new with the intention of using it for everything but I've not been offroad once, so it probably wasn't the best buy! As such I'm thinking about getting a rigid fork.


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South Manchester
I run fully rigid on the commuter MTB.... I'd stick with the sus front if running a 42x16 as you aren't going for absolute speed - just might save some arm stress ?

Nice looking frame !


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Birmingham, UK
Am I right in thinking you've used one of those DMR kits to convert to singlespeed?

I love the way your flash from your camera really makes those reflective tyres shine!


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You're right, yeh. I tried using just an old sprocket but I couldn't get the tension right and so went with the kit, which works great:tongue:
The tyres are Shwalbe Marathon Plus', I love those things. Seemingly bomb proof and don't appear to have aged a day after several thousand miles of city riding:biggrin:
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