My bike........ well tag along bike


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Just thought i'd post a few pics of my bikes
My bike is a Marin nail trail - not very interesting in its self but my prefered method of cycling is with my daughter Sophie

almost from birth i got her this trailer - she was too small to start with so i had to fit the car seat into it for the 1st 6 months :laugh:

after a few years in the trailer she was getting older (and heavier) i fancied getting a tag along bike for her so she can help pedaling on the hills, you can buy these things from shops but i'd rather save a few quid and make one i found this old bike abandoned, it looked like a suitable donor so i took it, then i cut off the front part - stripped it down


made a front piece, welded it to the frame, i left the (5) gears on but i took off the brakes and made a coupling (so it attaches to the seat post) from an old transit van steering coupling



the whole cost of the project was £2.85 i let Sophie choose a tin of paint from the shop she chose purple



since that picture i've fitted bar ends to protect her hands if we catch a fence or anything

we built the bike 3 years ago - she's now 7 and loves going for rides on it, she has a bike of her own and we've done a few long (for her) trips on it but the preferred bike for long trips is the tag bike as it gives her time to relax while were still moving :smile:

we are hoping to do the trans pennine trail from southport to hornsea over 4 days it will proberbly be next year we do it as i've left it a bit late for this year. Ive got another donor bike thats the next size up that i might make another tag bike with for the trip :smile:
if anyone's done the TPT i'd appreciate any tips or pointers!
Love it (hmmmph, and seriously envious of guys with the skills to put that together :rolleyes: - I'd to buy mine, and then some scrote stole the bike with the coupling :cursing: ).

Just an off-the-wall, though. If she's 8 next year, how's this for a project - a tandem?


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i did consider building a tandem for me and my partner but when you look at the specialised bits you need to make it a nice job its more effective to buy one, so i did:smile: but she wont ride it :rolleyes:
so it's been in the garage for about 4 years - i did try it with Sophie on but the crank was too much travel for her, i was thinking about shortening it but i might aswell wait untill she grows into it^_^
the only time the tandem has been used was the other week when my mum and dad used it

and the 1st pic looks like its foreign but it's actually in South Wales i think it was Tenby^_^
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