My Cr*p Dragon's Den Idea...


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Like everyone else, i have my fair share of good ideas (which are mostly bad ideas under the guise of good ideas).

I've adapted a a pair of trainers and a pair of boots to be more cycle friendly by replacing the laces with (tubular) elastic so there's no floppy laces to get caught in the chain rings or around the BB shaft. If I do end up cycling in footwear with laces, i stuff them between shoe and sock to keep them out of the way, but they often work their way out.

What I want is a pair of plastic clips something like this...


...which clip onto one's footwear and holds the potentially troublesome shoe lace out of the way. The narrow bit fits snugly on the shoe's collar and the dangly shoe laces fit in the bigger bit.

It'd have to be a slightly sprung type of plastic in order to stay in place and to fit a variety of shoe types (from smart/formal footwear to training shoes with a bit of padding).

It's no good for the Dragon's Den as it's too easy to replicate, and is potentially pound shop fodder... but it'd be nice if such a simple device existed. If anyone is a toolmaker for an injection moulding company, or works in plastic design, you can have this idea for free :smile:


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A piece of Velcro wrapped around the shoe would keep the lace in place.

If you really want to go your route I would imagine a 3D printer could do the job.


I just put the excess laces under the laces on my 5 tens..


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I tend to just tuck my laces in under the crossed laces above the tongue, or most of the younger generation i know just tuck them completely in the shoe, but i find this uncomfortable imo


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Duck tape?

I've had my own idea for a great business - build a factory for the manufacturer of 12V bulbs as there is clearly a world shortage of them judging by the amount of cars around with lights not working properly. It can't fail....
Not as daft as it sounds, but the wrong market. Think house lighting.
Could do it on a 3D printer. Dunno how the economics would work though.
Alternatively if you're concerned about flappy shoelaces getting caught in rotating parts just tie them differently
And who would have thought there was so much to tying your shoelaces? Apart from my worksite, where the locals aren't allowed laces and have to make do with a velcro flap and loose safety boots instead.
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