My do it all baby.


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Back in November of last year I weighted in @ 17 stone 13lb..... I decided it was time to do something about it, sold my motorbike and used some of the proceeds to buy the above. I decided on an MTB because I didn't think it would be fair on a skinny wheeled roadbike to carry my weight over the pothole strewn roads in my local area!!!
This is my bike. I use it every day to do the 5 miles to work and back and then on my days off I will go out and do 30/40 miles on it. On a 30 mile trip I can manage about16-17mph average and am now down to a more respectable 12stone 7lb and have regained my love of cycling that I had 13 odd years ago!!!
Since buying the bike I have made a couple of changes to it.....
Road tyres Schwalbe speed cruisers.
Changed all the bog standard gearing cables for Deore XT.
Rear Cassette from 11/32 to a 12/25 shimano 105 road one.
Front inner ring 22t to 26t.
Front middle ring 32t to 36t. Outer is still 44t on advice given in these forums.
Nukeproof plasma core saddle.
WTB Forefront grips,
Tioga carbon bar ends.
FSA XC-150 120mm stem.
SRAM PC991 chain
Shimano SPD m520s (black)
Specialized Speedzone cadence computer.........
Some in these forums have remarked on my bike being akin to "triggers broom"....
The only things on my list that I still have to do is Swap out the suspension forks for some rigid aluminium ones and a carbon fibre seatpost.......Maybe a new set of wheels at some point...MRS permitting.....;O)

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Looks like the bike is slowly morphing into a road a bike and you into a 'racing whippet'! :rolleyes:


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Haha, funny you should say that because on some of the faster stretches of road I do find myself reaching for the drops that aren't there.......Hmmmmm next upgrade.....;O)
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