My first after restrictions big ride plan

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I had vaguely planned to cycle across the USA again this year, subject to the government having changed, and although it looks like it will, I am not particularly keen on travelling to the US or in it at present... Next option on the bucket list was to cycle to Istanbul, but even if things have loosened up there is a dozen or so countries to cross which allows plenty of potential for admin kerfuffle. So that is probably a no. Final option is an approximate lap of England which has the benefit of getting home easily if things go wrong for some reason. I am a bit of a planner, so this actually helps slightly in forcing me to be a little bit more freestyle
Having discovered during lockdown Brighton Pier is 99.85km from my front door by Velo , I can hardly wait.
May not be 'BIG' by others standards, but I have yet to cycle that far, so it should be quite the adventure.
Will check into Premier Inn and then go for a swim. Return the next day. The good thing is I can do this with virtually no notice.

Have always loved Brighton. 40 years ago when any of my mates got a new car we used to drive to the lanes and park right outside the original Browns for lunch.
(Anyone recall how special the Alfasud seemed at the time? My turn came in a convoy, as my first owned car was a 25yo MG Midget.)

Chris S

Including tunnels and the Big Tall Impronouncable Aqueduct?
I join the canal at Chirk train station so there is only one tunnel heading towards Llangollen. I get off and push my bike through it as it's dark and the headroom varies. The aqueduct wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the tourists blocking the path. It's a case of getting off and weaving my way through them. The 100ft drop doesn't bother me, there's a railing on one side and 6ft of canal trough on the other.


It'll be Reyt.
Well laughing boy Whitty has already said that restrictions will be in place all through next winter, and Borislies can't even make his mind up how many of us will be fully vacinated by the end of October. Seemingly only politicians and the Police will have received both doses by then. The rest of us will still be in a very long queue.
At present rates it will take until 2023 for us all to get a first dose. 2 million a week? 2 million a year is more like it.
You can forget this year for anything.
I have to agree.
My 'estimated' date for the vaccine(if I want it) was July/Aug last time I check(I'm 52).
My wife is a Ward Manager(Senior Sister) on a Covid Ward in Sheffield and she hasn't been offered one yet.
There's no way they'll let us get back to normal until every group has been covered.We're not booking anything at all until Summer 2022.......and even that might be in doubt.
2021 will just be an extension of!te:sad:

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As soon as restrictions are gone and life has some semblance of normal I'm loading the bike cycling to Dover via NCN 1 (Or the bits of it that are rideable at least) camping overnight and spending a day wandering around Dover Castle.
Is a great castle, plenty of tunnels to explore.


I'll so something like Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth and back camping. There's a track from the reservoirs near Rhayader which looks great. Also a rope bridge near Rhayader which I'd like to go over.
I drove to Shrewsbury, parked the car in a side street and got the train to Aberystwyth and cycled back following sustrans routes, unfortunately I wasn't nearly fit enough at the time. It's a great ride.


How far can I go?
I think I'll go on a 5-7 day bikepacking adventure. Not sure where yet. Might take a train north and make my way down the country, or just do a 7 day adventure from home.
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