My first "race"


Ok, so the other three cyclists didn't know we were in a race, but that's not the point!
Seriously, it was the first time when I've been passed that I thought "damn you," and given chase!
If I end there you may believe I came off victorious. lol.
The truth of it is, I only caught them because they were stuck in the roadworks.
I'm fairly used to being overtaken, but this time it really got my goat.
Cyclist one pulled out of a side road and was in front of me, his two pals had to wait for traffic so I ended up in the middle of them. Cyclist one let me pass so he could wait for his mates, I don't know what they were doing for the next five minutes because I thought I'd left them but they caught me and gave me the sarcastic "hello, again" as they passed and pulled away.
I gave chase, but it was uphill and I struggled. Almost had them on the downhill but then we got into traffic and I slowed down. I was almost on them at the lights, but they got through and I had to stop at the red -although I was very tempted to take the pavement, I resisted.
Through the lights and I had them in sight as they hit the roadworks, I sidled past a truck (possibly not my wisest move) and caught them -but I didn't get to smirk at them as I needed to turn and they were going straight on.
Arrived at the bike shop a sweaty mess and found the customer infront of me had witnessed atleast part of it as he drove past. :shy:
and what did you learn from all that..? :smile:


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The fitter and faster bit, the life part being much more difficult :smile:


Fast and careful!
I think Sandra might be a girl ;)
Mate that's what the post says,it's not just the males,that have them alpha moments!
It's the Sandra bit that gave that she was a lady ,I know I live next to a pre op and do sometimes get confused but thats for another day
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