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I have a short commute of about 3 km from a semi-rural location to the centre of a large village, so generally do not experience much poor driving in the morning.

I was approaching a mini-roundabout in primary here:!1e1!3m2!1saHJfPU90uBCKmI2U86ZeoQ!2e0?hl=en
It was light and visibility was good. No foliage on the shrub on the left so I easily noticed the car approaching from the left. There was no other traffic around, fortunately. I had passed my 'Give Way' markings and thought I had made eye contact with the driver when I realised the car was not going to stop but it had slowed down. I had passed the centre of the RaB as the car continued on its journey, fortunately turning left not going straight on. I swerved to the right slightly to avoid contact. No harm was done.
I carried on and she stayed behind me until the top of the small rise you can see. She gave me a wide berth. At the temporary lights a little further on we had an extremely brief conversation. "I'm sorry. I did not see you at all" were her first words.
I was too stunned by this to ask her if she had actually looked. As I said, no harm done, although I realised once I arrived at work that it had shaken me somewhat, just wanted to share it on here. Be careful out there everyone.
What should I learn from this?


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What should you learn?
That you can be doing your best impression of a bag of custard sitting on top of Heathrows landing lights, driving daggers into the hearts of their souls and some motons still can't see you.
Glad to hear that you were unscathed.
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Glad to read you're ok!
If drivers look but don't see, nothing much you can do apart from taking evasive action, which you did.
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