My first Youtube upload and inevitable 'he wasn't that close' comment

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Oh well, I finally got round to doing it. For a long time I've watched the clips submitted by Magnatom et al and enjoyed the subsequent debates about road positioning etc.

Have a look at this one


Apparently I 'could of' given them more room. :rolleyes:

I can see why some people disable comments.

BTW, can anyone tell me how to fix the date on my MD80 clone?


Try this as your link doesn't load.

That was close as he cut in.


Do you smell fudge?
How it appeared to me from the video...

The first overtake (Nissan Micra) was daft in itself as they overtook closely, slowed and turned left in front of the cyclist into a junction on what appeared to be a sweeping right hand turn. Why didn't they stay behind the cyclist until the junction had been passed? And notice the BMW emerging from the left? if that had kept rolling and caused the Micra to stop abruptly, what would have happened to the cyclist?

The van was unnecessarily close and cut-in way too early. Anyone who has been overtaken closely by a van knows that was a very poor and scary overtake. The oncoming road ahead appeared to be clear so why did the van not give more room?

An example of a good overtake was made by the pick up at around 40secs (Nissan Navara?). It gave the cyclist plenty of room and didn't cut-in too early.

As for the Lexus overtaking just before a blind bend... :/


Outta here
Broker belt rush hour.... enough said.

I don't think I've ever seen a YouTube video with twonk driving in such quick succession. Made me want to kiss the driver that managed the good overtake! Not difficult is it.
Ah, the 'cannot be bothered to wait a few seconds' brigade. :smile:

In some ways the worst overtake was the last one, on the blind corner. A few seconds later and he would have had to cut in on the cyclist.

Muppets! :rolleyes:


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Just delete the dumb comments! That's what I do :rolleyes:


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gaz said:
Just delete the dumb comments! That's what I do :rolleyes:

No, you should definitely leave them in so everyone can see what self-gratification artists they are.


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benb said:
No, you should definitely leave them in so everyone can see what self-gratification artists they are.

I also delete and block the user, if you don't they just keep coming back.
I used to reply with nonsensical answers which confused the thicko's completely but I go bored of that and now take the easy option.


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It's best to block the trolls, else you'll waste ages of time on stupidity. Sometimes it's fun to leave the more aggressive or stupid comments in, you can answer them and make them look very silly.
HLaB said:
I can't believe that I joined youtube in April 08 and still haven't had a moronic comment. Its maybe the way I tag things but I'm happy to leave it that way.

I've had the odd daft comment here or there.....:rolleyes::smile:
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