My Garden Fence


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fence posts are a bit short, could do with a coat of preservative too.


I love the smell of creosote :blush:.

I've heard that old engine oil mixed 50:50 with creosote is a good way to get rid of old engine oil and look after your fences. Makes your creosote last twice as long too.

Lovely looking bikes by the way.
Smokin Joe

Smokin Joe

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I only treated the fence last summer. The damp climate round here is a bugger, perhaps I'll give longers method a go.

I didn't notice that some bastard had leant a couple of bikes against it, bloody lycra louts should be put up against the wall and shot. They don't even pay road tax!
The creosote will not stick to bikes (much).
Anyway, it is not an 'amateur' product anymore due to the H&S regs etc so it is unlikely to be sold down your way Joe. Wickes do a reasonably long lasting spirit based preservative in a few colours - and they have big fenceposts too!;)

PS nice proRace
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