My Giant FCR...

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Salford, UK

As with all my bikes, adapted a bit, with rack and mudguards added for touring, and bars with a bit of a rise in them, as I don't like flats. Seen here setting off for Winchester a couple of years ago.

Not a great pic of the bike, must get round to taking a proper mugshot of it...
love the top... or at least i did until the dave duffield challenge ride when i saw a bloke wearing one that should have known better the front looked abit like this:




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Hi Arch,

I have just purchased a 2008 SCR4 for use as my winter trainer, I haven't had the opportunity to ride it properly yet, apart from riding it back from my LBS and round the block after fettling with the geometry,(still got the horrible Wellgo toe strap pedals on it) but at £307 which included a full set of Tortec 'guards and a bottle cage, I couldn't go wrong.
After Sundays White Horse Challenge Sportive, I'll be taking my Kens off the Wilier and putting them on my GIANT.xx(
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