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My Giant Peloton 7600

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Joe, 29 Sep 2007.

  1. Joe

    Joe Über Member

    My Giant Peloton 7600 - Retired.

    It's not the best bike in the world but since getting it secondhand a few months back I've become quite the roadie:biggrin:
    I'm giving it the love it deserves after spending years in someones garage.

    My additions since getting it are:
    Tyres: Continental Ultra Gator Duraskin's
    Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy C's
    Saddle: Specialized Alias 143
    Computer: Cateye Mity 8
    And I wrapped the bars with fresh tape.
  2. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Nice to see - Isn't that one of the first Giant's to appear in the UK - I'm assuming it's TIG welded steel....

    Nice machine.....nothing like a road bike for eating tarmac........
  3. Joe

    Joe Über Member

    It's steel, yeh. I don't know what TIG welding is though?
    It has 7 speed RSX componentry which seems pretty solid. I know very little about the bike really, I had a quick look on the net when I first got it and couldn't find much...
  4. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    It's about mid 90's - my Herety pre-dates it - tig welding - i.e. the bumpy bits around the tube joints came in on MTB's then a lot of the road bikes from mid 90's. That's tig welding... tubes welded together without using lugs.

    Lots of road bikes were 'braised' - i.e. tubes joined with lugs and a silver/copper mix of braising material (depending upon the tube) up to the early/mid 90's.
  5. Joe

    Joe Über Member

    Loads of upgrades so a new pic!


    Mirage groupset, Khamsin's, Mitchelen Prorace 2's, Arione, ITM forged light stem, Cinelli Vai bars.

    With the exception of almost ruining the chain by ignoring their "use campag tool only" warnings (saved by a powerlink), I'm pretty pleased with myself. Wasn't convinced I'd get it all back together:tongue:
    Feels light, smooth and fast (in comparison). I'm gonna need another stem and I bodged the bar tape but overall I'm pretty chuffed!
    Are there any quill stems with removable faceplates?
  6. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    do you have spacers on the fork? You might find the handle bars might slip down over time
  7. Joe

    Joe Über Member

    Cheers, I didn't think of that:blush:
    I've discovered a nasty side effect of having nicer components....I'm feeling strong resistance to going out for a ride as it's wet:sad:
    Winter bike needed:angry:
  8. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    You've been busy...
  9. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    What an improvment over the first pic, hard work has paid off, well done that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Very stylish, Joe. I like it.
  11. Joe

    Joe Über Member

    Slightly updated pics now that I've got my fit dialled in properly with a new stem (Cinelli Vai to match the bars). Cables could do with shortening as a result. And that white bar tape is not looking so fresh anymore!:biggrin:

  12. Joe

    Joe Über Member


    Stripped for parts as I'm on a two bike limit, and now have a more practical bike alongside my carbon racer. I
    'm actually really sad about it:sad:
    We've been through so much together. My nicer newer bikes still feel a bit souless in comparison, though I'm sure I'll grow more attatched to them as time goes on.
    Thanks for getting me into road bikes, and for all the good times spent dropping more expensive bikes;)