My Love/Hate relationship with Ebay


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Sorry for the mini rant and I know there are good and bad sellers on eBay but I thought the cyclist sellers might be better to deal with. I won a brand new dropbars, claris 2x8 sti's and bartape combo last weekend for a decent sum of £56 delivered and paid for it instantly as I always do. The ad said that it would take 2-3 days to dispatch and put on parcel force 48.

As expected the eBay notification appeared on Wednesday that the goods have been shipped. Friday comes and goes so I message the seller who doesn't get in touch until late Saturday saying that there had been issues with "postage". he offered a replacement or refund but given the price I wanted the items so asked for them. what is strange is that items are weighed and checked prior to them being accepted by Parcelforce so I don't see how postage was an issue. If he didn't charge enough for postage, his loss.

He has 100% feedback on 37 items and is a private seller so can't see how he would get a replacement so I messaged him yesterday and still haven't heard back. Worse still I have bought the DEDA quill stem adapter and Elementi Zero1 stem and stripped the Pug in readiness and had to chase my fellow roadies on my mountain bike at the weekend. Obviously I was F@@ked which made me more hacked off.

Why can't people just stick to the agreement and send stuff they have agreed to sell


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So where's the love? I see only hate.

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I'm in the middle of selling some old bike bits on ebay. So far no issues except for me forgetting to charge enough postage (ebay and paypal take their cut on that and I forgot to factor that in). My hard luck on that score but I'll still have made a few pennies overall. So far all my buyers have been brilliant and whenever I buy on ebay again it's been brilliant. So no hate from me only love.


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I have been lucky so far.

I bought my phone on eBay and it was exactly as described, a decent price, and arrived promptly.

I won an auction for a GPS which turned out to be an obsolete version of the one that I wanted (inadequate memory to store long routes) and the seller was happy to cancel the sale without leaving negative feedback.
He's sold it to someone else. Get your money back and give feedback that he's lower than a snake's belly.


Had quite a few bargains on eBay where seller reneged with pathetic excuses. For instance, my 4year old son broke it. I have sold it to someone else, I would have delisted it but didn't know how. Despite having 400 sales. etc etc.
They've all had the same thing in common, the goods went very very cheap. Putting it simple, they are thieving scum. You won it and they are stealing it.
I have sold things where I have made loss ie I guessed the postage and got it wrong. Tough on me, that's the way it goes.
Did it go ultra cheap? Or the alternative is the seller is just being lazy and will get round to it, later rather than sooner.


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That's the thing with ebay, it's treated as a brand but of course it's all down to the individuals.

I've done the same thing, underestimated postage and had to sell at a loss, lesson learned and price it appropriately next time!
Worst one was with a huge and heavy metal halide aquarium light unit that I was selling (collection only) It was a popular brand, well sought after and were selling for decent money. Someone messaged me asking for courier options which I declined but said if he won it, I'd hand deliver it for free (confident it would sell for a decent sum)
Of course it didn't, it sold for peanuts and, of course, he won it.
300 sodding mile round trip for that one...


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A friend of mine stopped ebaying after 3 vile feedbacks when it took her 3 days to post some items. She had emailed the buyer but after the 3 negative feedbacks (same buyer, 3 different items) she replied to the feedbacks "sorry it took so long to post, my 4 year old son died in a road accident and I forgot to post the items" She then got a revolting message from the 'buyer' demanding a refund due to 'unacceptable delays'. The items had been signed for at destination, I know because I checked for her.

It's the ebayers that are the problem. I don't use it very much. I certainly don't sell on ebay any longer. People seem to expect to get items the very next morning. Even when the auction finishes at 9pm at night. I post once I've been paid (or the next morning if it's after 5pm) Once it's in the post, It's out of my hands. I've calculated the postage wrongly and taken the hit. It happens.
Your seller @Kevoffthetee has sold the item on, I reckon. Take the refund and start again.

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