my moan.


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Ibought a t.d.f t-shirt in Trafalgar Square where the opening took place.Didn't check it until i got home .The thing was blank,my fault.But you will not believe the trouble i am having trying to find out who supplied the official stands.No one in the organizing in London can give me an answer.Ihave even tried the official shop in France they don't want to know.Sent the shirt to them for verification But now it has gone missing.It's really cheesed me off.There must have been thousands of items sold over the weekend.Some of the people i have tried to contact will not even reply.Any ideas out there?.


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Nor me...

alecstilleyedye said:
on a similar note, has anyone received a free yellow jersey from haribo? they were offering one a few weeks back. so far i've not heard a dickie bird, not so much as a junk email from them.
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