My new Specialized secteur comp


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Picked it up yesterday afternoon, went out for the first time today when i finished work at 5.45 am. This is my first road bike so i took it easy at first, but before long i had gained a bit more confidence and as the roads were quiet i stepped up the pace a bit and was chipping along in no time. I loved it, this is completely different to riding my rockhopper on the road. On the flat it felt like i was gliding along the road at times with someone pushing me along, and i was flying up hills. I did about 10 miles then home to bed a happy chap.

Initial thoughts are:
1) Bloody hell
2) Its really quiet
3) Gear changes are really smooth
4) Its bloody fast
5) I love that ticking noise you get when you stop pedaling!

Its smoother on the road than i imagined it would be and i love the black and white colour scheme. I've added some Light & Motion Stella dual 300 front lights, back light, and Shimano a530 pedals. I also changed the tyres to Roubaix Armadillo elites. No computer yet, i'm thinking of getting a Garmin 705 pretty soon.

It looks like the rockhopper wont be ridden any time soon, infact it has already crossed my mind that i could sell it and put the money towards
a tricross in its place!



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Very Nice Indeed! :becool:


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Very nice...


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Had a look at those lights. I've already spent a fortune on my bike, I honestly don't think I'd get away with those lights, my missus would kill me if she found out!

(Which she always does...:o)

They look a superb piece of kit though!


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Lovely bike. It's such a shame that the 2010 105 STI's aren't on the 2010 Secteurs to keep those brake cables in check and neatly tucked away under the bar tape. Lovely paint scheme though and it looks as though they are going to uglyfy it for 2011. :?

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