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Somehow my 4-mile commute turned into a 35-mile one. Oops.

Le Rond du Chene hunting lodge an hour ago. Part of an estate with a gothic mansion at the end of a long straight drive from this lodge, the mansion is still there owned by a wealthy person as a country retreat, it gets lived in a few days of the year.
In normal times there is a popular randonnée event on 1st of May, walk, run, bike, horse, various routes in various lengths and competitive looking for the cyclists and runners, the walkers just stroll and chat and the horse riders chat too. Obligatory brocante and burnt sausages on industrial baguette plus various alcohols.
I walk here, I would like to ride but the dogs don't get it and there is trouble so I just walk.

May 1st 2019, last time it was held, taken by the local paper.

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