My strangest collision yet...

How the hell did he drive into you there? Can't have not seen incompetent. Makes you wonder - passed a test or driving without a licence?

Actually probably did pass a test for all that is worth


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Deffers didn't have a license to drive like that and therefore no insurance. Why didn't you film as you looked at him so we got a good view of him and the passenger?


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I'll bet my bike that the driver has no licence and no insurance.

I'll match that and raise you two.


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Should I waste some of my precious time replying to this? I know I shouldn't but I probably will. That incident was completely avoidable. The driver wanted to turn right, started the turn, realised that he could not and moved left to rejoin the main road. Cyclist has plenty of time to see what was happening and plenty of space to move to the left and avoid the car but... "I've got a helmet camera fitted; this will make good footage for youtube and might earn me a few Brownie points on a cycling forum/"
You mention 'collision' - what collision?
Should I waste some of my precious time replying to this? I know I shouldn't....

I can see that your reputation of always talking rubbish is obviously grossly unfair and sometimes you do talk sense

But since you insist on ignoring your own advice, if the cyclist was further over to the left the collision (what collision? - the rim was caught under the tyre - contact = collision) amy well have been harder and more serious with the chance to have a "run up"


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That's vaguely amusing (on the basis no-one was hurt and I hope no damage done). He looked to me to be trying to effect a quick right turn before the bus, misjudged the side road and realised he was about to enter via the exit, corrected himself but couldn't turn into the side road due to the cyclist and couldn't get back across the road into his lane; he needed to avoid the oncoming bus so swerved into the bus/cycle lane - perhaps on the basis that the cycle will cause less damage to his car in a collision than the bus (which certainly didn't look like it was slowing down for anyone)?

Thankfully cyclist was sufficiently aware to avoid a major collision.


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Should I waste some of my precious time replying to this?
No you shouldn't have. You seriously think you could have anticipated the driver doing THAT? You think that the rider had anticipated what he was doing and thus deliberately stopped in his way putting his life at risk just to get some good footage? You don't think he just though "wtf is that guy doing I better just stop, stay visible thus hopefully not get run over until this guy finishes doing whatever the hell he's doing". No one will believe you. Now apologise and move on.
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