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My Surly Crosscheck

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Joe, 1 Mar 2008.

  1. Joe

    Joe Über Member

    My new commuter is almost done!


    Surly Crosscheck frameset, FSA The Pig headset, 10 speed Campag Xenon shifters, 48-36-26 Deroe crankset, RSX front mech, LX rear mech, 12-28 8 speed cassette, Brooks B17
    I'll be putting on some mudguards and I'll obviously need a black stem at some point;) I've got a bit of a problem (I think caused by the bb being too long) in that I can't shift to the outer chainring but it's getting there:biggrin:

    Apologies for the cluttered picture, I will get a decent one up when it's fully finished.
  2. Saddle looks like a killer position Joe! Also, I can only mount my pump the other way up ie: with the 'head' pointing down. You must have bandy legs:smile: