My wifes first bike ride !

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My little buddy has been such a supportive wife and an incredible mom to our 3 grown children. She's never been much for riding a bike, but was a great support for me while I raced for 15 years. My racing years are well behind me but my love for biking is still as strong as it was when I first discovered this great sport. She's seen me introduce other over the last few years to trails riding, so last year she thought she might like to try riding a bike with me out on the trails. I put one of my bikes as low as everything would go so she could get a feel for riding a bike again. So for Christmas I decided to get her a bike so she could explore this whole bike riding thing for herself. She's only been on a bike a couple times in the last 45 years so as I tell her it's about taking little steps. So today she came out and did 8 miles, and had a bump or two but had fun. Looking forward to helping her take many more steps as she joins me out on some trails.



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Zipp2001 said:
many more steps
If she puts her feet down.

Get her a hub gear - easier to use.


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I like that @Zipp2001 . My wife used to enjoy cycling 'traffic free' roads/paths until she came off some years ago and spent 4 days in hospital and never got back on.
We are in Pollensa (majorca) soon and there are apparently good cycle paths so she is going to hire a bike for a few mornings.
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