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Seeing as it's been at least a couple of years since I last bought a bike, and bearing in mind the rocky state of the economy, I've decided to help Dave & George out a bit, by boosting spending and buying another bike.

My current heavy steel commuter bike needs a new chainset, front & rear derailleurs, chain and new brake pads, so as I've been wanting to get something with disc brakes, I figured it would be better to buy another bike. ^_^

As well as commuting, I'd like to have the option of using it for light touring, so would want something with drop bars. However, after doing a search on disc road bikes, although I was tempted by the Colnago C59, that's a bit OTT for commuting, plus it won't take a rack or mudguards, which would be essential.

I've seen some good comments about the Genesis CdF and the Boardman CX. Can anyone suggest any other bikes I should consider, in the £1,000 range?


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Look at the caadx 105. RRP £1100, online for about £950, LBS should (and did for me) match that.

Awesome machine. Very light, good spec, beautifully made and damn fast on the road. I love mine (in case you'd not guessed!) no discs though, but I wanted the lower weight and the brakes are great anyway


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I just happened to be looking for something similar lately and found this. Bit cheaper than £1k but that leaves you money to upgrade bits if you want :tongue:


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Trek have the new Crossrip, higher spec (Sora compact) version is £950, not available until November sadly. Lower spec than my Portland, but if the frame's as good (and I'd be surprised if it wasn't) then it'll be worth upgrading as and when. Ian's Kona is lovely though, so for the extra I'd go for that. That said, all of the mentioned shortlist are excellent buys.
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