Narrow cheap saddle ?


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I am thinking of changing the saddle on my bike as the fizik antares clone gives me chafing issus on my inner thigh , the pad seems to cut into my inner thigh on its edge .
Would a narrower saddle cure this ?
This is what i use currently .......


If 6 Was 9
Charge Spoon?


If 6 Was 9
Not any narrower .
Cheaper though.;)
Is the Charge Knife any narrower?


My Aldi one is quite comfy (to me, at least) and is 4cm at the narrowest point. It was £9.99.

It looks like this - they do them every year.



The problem is because the leading edge is wider in a forard position, at a given posture this means you're digging into your flesh more with the saddle as you pedal downwards. You can demonstrate this by slumping on the floor against a wall, putting your hand on your ass and doing a pedalling motion parallel to the ground. Move your hand down towards your thigh as you pedal you will feel it digging in.

If you've sensitive skin this can lead to the discomfort.

The solutions I can think of are either to move current saddle towards aft of bike a bit, or get a saddle with the leading edge further back. Or leave saddle as is, get a longer stem and train yourself to be more stretched forward so the leading edge doesn't dig in.
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