Nasty accident

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I've just noticed the following article on;

Rabobank's Kai Reus was put into an artificial coma after crashing Thursday. The team reported that he suffered a hemorrhage on the left side of the back of his skull, as well as breaking his left collarbone and three ribs on his right side. The 22 year-old was operated upon immediately in Grenoble and put in the coma. CAT scans showed no further problems.

Reus was in the French Alps to prepare for an upcoming team training camp on Monday. According to the team's website,, he left the hotel Thursday morning at 11 am to train alone, and when he had not returned in the evening, a search was started. Shortly after 8 pm, it was reported that he had been found and was in the hospital. He was conscious when he arrived at the hospital, but it is still not known exactly what happened.

A bit spooky that he had exactly the same injuries that I suffered two months ago. Luckily I had a chum with me and didn't have to wait for a search party to find me.

Good luck to Kai and a speedy recovery.
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