National Limerick Day today.


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Armonmy Way
Even the Smithsonian is celebrating:
So how does one best celebrate this holiday? By coming up with their own limerick, of course! Here’s one I wrote about digitizing our archival collections, which is my role as a digital imaging technician at the Archives:

One day the Smithsonian as an organization
Wished to increase their visitors’ digital participation
And after some scanning,
and much project planning
They achieved their goal through digitization!

Another way to celebrate is by sharing your favorite limericks (and maybe some of your own creations!) on social media (#NationalLimerickDay). We hope this post has brightened up your day just a little bit, and that you get to enjoy some limericks!

Yeah, ok , thanks guys. Y'awl have a nice day ...
Hopefully still the right side of the line ...

There was a young man from South Ken
Who had a passion for disabled men
In positions strategic, each gay paraplegic
Was serviced and wheeled out again


Kilometre nibbler
There was an old man of Boulogne
Who sang a most topical song
It wasn't the words
That frightened the birds
But the terrible double entendre

(I don't know who wrote that, I just found it lying around in the back of my brain)

Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
Inside my skull
This limerick’s callous and crude,
It’s morals distressingly rude,
It’s not worth the reading,
By persons of breeding,
It’s designed for us vulgar and rude.
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