Naughty Miele!



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I'm not surprised. We spent extra on a Miele dishwasher. It was far, far worse than the very budget Beko it replaced.
I'm surprised, tho' my Miele loyalty, such as it is (not much, it turns out, see below) extends no further than washing machines. Just intuitively, they have to work so hard - really solid engineering is going to pay off. Dishwashers, well, heat some water up and spray it around a bit. We do actually have a Miele dishwasher, but I wasn't that bothered - it just happened to come up on ebay locally when our old one broke. It's been fine, but I expect most dishwashers to work forever regardless.
Tssccchhh. Made in Germany - a byword for 'shoddy workmanship'
Hmmm. Not sure about this. One or two haloes have slipped over recent years, but I reckon 'Made in Germany' still suggests something that's been properly nailed together. The Miele I've finally given up trying to fix has served us faithfully for twenty years, including the kids' early years - so a lot of use - and it was second hand when I bought it. £170, 20 years. I think we've had 'the man' out once over that 20 years. Still works perfectly too - except for a hose that's sprung a leak and isn't economical to get fixed. We just replaced it. With a Bosch. Vorsprung durch technic jahwohl innit.


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After having a Miele washing which lasted for 18 years, it was only when I switched to a modern machine that washed clothes far better and was infinitely more economical that I realised that I probably should have switched machine a lot earlier to save money. For me when choosing a new machine was a 'free' warranty of 5 years, if the machine lasts longer then that is a bonus, but I fully expect even more economy in 5 years.
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