NCN 5 West of Conwy - what's it like?


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Contemplating a North Wales loop on roadbikes which would be greatly facilitated by using the coastal stretch which looks to be alongside the A55 between Conwy and Bangor.

Any experience of this, specifically:

1. What's the surface like?
2. Is it rideable at reasonable pace ie not too many give ways, curbs, gates, "dismount through tunnel" etc etc

You can guess that my general experience of this sort of facility is not great...


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
I've ridden it on the Llanfair 400 audax several times and it's fine. Another view:

And was asked here 10 years ago:


Norven Mankey
I rode it about 5 years ago. We had done Manchester to Llandudno the day before and then I did Llandudno to Holyhead

The NCN route is good. Just watch out for pedestrians as it can be quite busy in good weather

Surface was fine for normal road bike. No significant obstacles that I can remember


It forms part of one of my go to loops in North Wales, I usually ride it from Snowdonia to Conwy.

Pretty decent road surface all the way and the views can be spectacular.
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