NCN78 - Caledonia Way - Route advice re quality of Off-road parts


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I'm planning cycling part of NCN78 towards the end of May from north to south. Any advice would be appreciated regarding the surface quality of the canal side paths - I'd read a while ago that much of the off-road parts were poor quality and that adjacent B and unclassified roads would be a better choice. The areas of interest are between Fort Augustus and Fort William and the Crinan Canal.

I'll be riding a cyclocross bike with panniers.



The Crinan canal has always been okay for a bike. Apparently it has been improved over the passed couple of years, so you shouldn't have any trouble there. South of Fort William is a PITA in my opinion, I took to the road for most of it apart from the short stretch at Onich. I'll leave the rest to others as I've never done Fort Augustus

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I second the suitability of the Crinian canal, did a good stretch of it a couple of years back.
The surface is very fine white gravel, was fine on a Genesis with Marathon Originals plus two loaded panniers.


Fort Augustus to invergarry is fine. South of Invergarry looked passable only with a mountain bike last time I was up there. It looked very muddy.

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The Caledonian canal i(Fort Bill to Fort Augustus)is a good run,
a good mix of canalside, back road and forestry track..
The forestry track part wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, definitely suitable for a hybrid..
I did it in the hissing rain last Sept and bike was caked in the white stuff,
I did the Caledonia Way Fort Augustus to Inverness final stage the next day....
I met friends who'd come over the Great Glen w
Way and advised I'd be better avoiding.
Mind you, a cracker of a hill out from Fort Augustus:ohmy:
PM if need any more info..

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