Need advice on which mudguards will fit my bike.


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This is probably really obvious but I have a few questions regarding mudguards for my new bike as I plan to commute all year round and would like to protect me and the bike from wheel spray and I was hoping to get full length guards.

My bike is a Cannondale Quick CX4 which I got using a work cycle scheme, because I refereed my wife and she also got a bike I have a £15 of a £30 spend voucher with Rutland cycles so I thought I would look at the mudguards.

The Wheels on my bike are 700x38C, I assume the 38 refers to the width so the guards would need to be wider. I saw these which looked like they would do the job but then I got a bit worried as by bike has front suspension and doesn't have the eyelets just by the front axle, there are some eyelets on the back of the fork higher up but I don't know if they can be used as they point a different way. Will I be able to fit something like these or will I need a mountain bike style guard for the front.




You can bolt the front ESGE chromoplastic mudguard stays to your higher eyelets. You may need some kind of 90 degree angle bracket. You need to trim off more of the metal stay. Make sure you file the cut end to a safe rounded shape to avoid injury to trousers or worse.
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