Need glasses suggestions


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I am looking to get myself cycling glasses buy am pretty much lost to what to buy as there are so many choices on wiggle or evanscycles and I have never bought proper cycling glasses.
If you know any good deal please let me know.
I wouldn't want to spend more then £50.

Oh, and also, are there different sizes for cycling glasses? Or is it one size fits all?


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If you're looking to save money and go really under budget, may I suggest the Raleigh Sunglasses. £10, reserved them online and picked them up in my Argos store. They came with Yellow, Tinted and Clear lenses. Easy to use, comfortable and a really good bargain.



Obviously, if you have £50 to spend then you can get something of better quailty. That's just my two cents ^_^
look on ebay for the Chinese 'Oakleys' - they're actually not bad for less than £20...


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3 or 4 quid in aldi if there are any left in your local one :becool:
I bought some Aldi glasses, cant complain for the money but with something as crucial as your eyesight, I wouldn't recommend them, mine were very prone to steaming up, also had some sort of optical issue where they made me feel very high up when on the bike (i.e. they messed with my depth perception in some way), might have been something unique to my optical needs, but all in all, I found them to be marginally dangerous.
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