Need held getting hold of litespeed decals?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by actingskint, 2 Jul 2008.

  1. actingskint

    actingskint New Member

    Hello this is my first posting after having a nightmare with a user name and password not working for ages.

    Anyway here goes.

    I imported a second hand litespeed Vortex frame from the US about two months ago.With the help of my local shop its gradually looking like a real bike.
    Of course Ive spent a few quid on it,more than I can afford.Ha ha,no money for anything else,but then I dont spend £100 on a weekend just to get a hangover from hell,well maybe every once in a while.

    Anyway back to the plot. I really want to get the frame rebrushed at Argos cycles,because they appear really helpfull and at £70-100 for the frame to be looking new sounds like a good deal.

    Problem is I really want to get hold of new decals to put back on the bike once its finished.Really good original looking ones that dont put the frame to shame because their so bad.

    But where do I go,who do I speak to about it.Litespeed arent answering,and the ones on ebay dont look like the ones I have on the bike.
    How much would it cost to get really tasty hand painted ones,and how much would they cost,how long would they last.And who the hell would I go to.Enough questions for any forum.

    Nice to meet you all by the way.Im Dave.A skint actor.Never any money but always just enough for my bike bits ....:ohmy:

    Cycling is for the brave of heart...driving is for the lazy.
  2. OP

    actingskint New Member

    Oh nearly forgot,the frame came out around 2000 its a 6/4 rounded tubed,not the flared streamline stuff that Ive seen on the later ones.Not sure how much difference it make sin size of decals
  3. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin The Marmalade Kid

    Just out of interest. What do you get for £70-100 refurb costs from Argos on a ti frame?

    Just how much refurbing can you give a ti frame?
  4. OP

    actingskint New Member

    Mm well,its not a total refurb as I suppose some people might view it.Not talking about repairs as such.Its just that its got a brushed look as apposed to a nice shiny mirror finish.Which to all intense and purpose hides a lot of the sins.But there are a few marks on it,scrathches and break rubs.So I figured it would be nice to finish it off and asked them about going over the cosmetic look of the frame.they gave me a quote of around£70-100.They havent seen it in person,but I figure its a pretty straightforward process for them.I mean its not a major paint matching affair.Well of course I can only speculate on how hard or easy it is.
  5. yenrod

    yenrod Guest

    Your better getting some sorted yourself in this country - as I imagine they'd be quite difficult to derive from America esp. with import duty.
  6. I was in Argos today as it happens to get a quote to replace the top tube on my Colnago, I'm very surprised indeed if they can't source replacement transfers. Have you tried any of the eBay stores?
  7. OP

    actingskint New Member

    Im Interested to hear what you have to say about Argos,as I havent yet confirmed anything with them,but they appear to be genuine bike lovers first and a very close second on taking care of their customers.

    They suggested I go to a couple of companies for the decals either Paligap or American Bicycle Group.But no luck with those suggestions so far Im afraid.They also suggested a guy they use for work on bikes.Its certainly an alternative,but I guess I would prefer the real deal as it were before asking for a copy.
    Mind you having said that,I suppose the copy decals could turn out to be better than the originals.Ebay was frustrating because I can get copies there,but again I dont really know the quality of them.Id rather get a decent set and pay to get them put on properly wehn I decide to get the frame re brushed.Otherwise whats the point.
    I guess the reason Im being anal with this is that Ive never really owned an expensive bike which has looked good.I own a scott P1 which has always been covered in bike inner tubes and cable ties because its my work horse.And In can leave it anywhere without any problems,because it looks crap even though it would cost a grand to replace with extra bits.
    I want a really good looking bike ,than runs like a dream,which I can take out when the weathers not shitty.Mm how often is that,apart from a few days this month
  8. Iv'e known Mark at Argos for years, he's one of the good guys. Their work is absolutely world class, when I was managing stores in Bristol they handled all our frame subcontracting. As do all the other bike shops. Never had a single issue with the quality of their work or delivery in 12 years.

    Paligap import Litespeed, why no joy from them?
  9. OP

    actingskint New Member

    Mm,ok news so far.American Bikes seemed helpfull.I contacted litespeed directly,they asked for frame number and year number.I havent got a clue about year number,so sent them what I could glean from the frame as well as a couple of pictures for indentification.I found another site called exotic bikes or some such description.They stock litespeed decals,but are not sure what stock they have,so Ive emailed them to find out.
    Thanks for advice on Argos,I had a good feeling just by the way they dealt with my enquiry that they were good guys.I wish they were based near me.If I wasnt tied to London Id almost consider moving down there.Extreme pronbably,but it would save having to pack up my bike to send it to them.I might just say sod it and have a drive out.That way I can chat to them face to face about what I want.
  10. OP

    actingskint New Member

    Alas I just had a reply from litespeed,my frame is a 1996 vortex model,for which they certainly do not stock decals.Bugger
  11. Hey, never mind, 'original' isn't the be all and end all. I'm about to ruin twenty years of flouro pink Colnago originality for a Ferrari red paint job with chrome lugs. Fukc the purists, just get out and ride.
  12. OP

    actingskint New Member

    so anybody know anywhere that does really good personnalised decals then? I figure if its going to be re brushed back to nothing,then I need to put my stamp on it.In fact now I think of it it might be quite nice to get it redone with my name on it.Or perhaps a place that hand paints small commissions?

  13. NO you can't do it
  14. kyuss

    kyuss Veteran

    Actingskint, would you be prepared to use a thin vinyl from a signwriters rather than paint or decals? If you've got a decent high res picture of the decals as they look at the moment I can probably knock up an eps or illustrator file that you could take to any signwriters and have the vinyl cut. I could even do some tasy personalised ones if I can find the time over the next week or two. Geez a PM if you're interested.
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