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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Kiwiavenger, 9 Jan 2018.

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    Check their website. Lovely places like Cambridge allow it with parking-only ticket. Bus-funded shoot hole P&Rs like Norwich don't, despite buses finishing too early for even a swift half after close of business, let alone a restaurant dinner!
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    The website for them is awful! (as is anything Cornwall council puts up) I'll have to ring them and ask some questions.
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    Just like those who can knock out a weekend marathon without flinching appear to be superhuman to the couch potato, a 40 odd mile round commute can be an everyday occurence for a diehard cycle commuter. There are a few on this forum who do those distances daily. Certainly don't expect to go from zero riding to 5 x 44 mile consecutive commutes overnight, but it's perfectly manageable in the long term as you improve your fitness and endurance. The only limitation will be time in the saddle, but if you enjoy it, it's not an issue really is it! As others have said, as you are going a long way and walking your bike home would be an arduous and drawn out affair, make sure your bike is well serviced and you know how to do the usual roadside fixes if you don't want to be ditching the bike and calling a cab. I look forward to hearing of your success! You can do it :smile:

    If you can train up to a 10-15 mile ride on your own time in the evenings and weekends, I think you'll be perfectly capable of handling this commute.
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    Thanks for the pep talk confusedcyclist, I'm hoping to get the bike up and running this week ( will need new cassette and chain as a minimum) and do a few shakedown rides to get my position dialled in. I'm starting the new role in 4 weeks so can get in the saddle and work on the hills (outside my house I can do 600 ft in about 3 miles so nice for hill training)

    I'm planning on cycling the 6 mile route from the park and ride twice a week to start with (maybe Monday and Thursday) and slowly build it up over the upcoming weeks and months
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    You'll be surprised how fast you adapt. I imagine if you stick to it, you'll be commuting the full distance back to back days in a few months and loving it. Spring is right around the corner too! :sun:
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    I commute 32 miles a day (16 miles each way) 3 days a week. In the summer, I'll extend the commute home to 40-50 miles, to make it between 60 and 70 miles once a week. I find this leaves me enough energy for a long ride at the weekend. It didn't take me long to build up to the distance, but I wasn't terribly unfit to start with. As others have said, I wouldn't do it every day and work yourself up to it
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    My 2p worth, my commute is 17.5 miles each way, without your climbing. It can get draining, although I suspect I am older than you. And to be honest there are more than a few times when a meeting elsewhere, or one requiring more formal wear than I take in my backpack is a welcome relief.
    My suggestion would be to build up your commutes. If you can try splitting the journey, so for example, use a train for part of the journey and cycle the rest. At least then if you discover have tired legs once you get on your bike, you know you don't have the full distance to cover. It also gives you an opportunity to discover what might have an effect on your legs, such as that extra glass of wine the night before, without completely knackering yourself and becoming disillusioned.
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