Need help making a Bkool ride with GoPro 8 & Bkool Route Editor 2

I shot a fun ride along Key West's coast with a GoPro Hero 8 with GPS turned on.

The ride is broken into three clips and I can't figure out how to combine the clips in a way that Bkool Route Editor 2 will accept.

I was able to get a short ride (only one segment) into the Bkool Route Editor 2 by:

Load the clip into Garmin VIRB Edit (on a MacBook Pro). It imports without GPS data.
I then run the clip through Telemetry Extractor (free version)
I then open up VIRB and select the clip, then I go to the Matrix tab and select Import G-Matrix and import the .gbx file that was created with Telemetry Extractor

When I try to combine two contiguous clips in VIRB Edit and then Export them, Bkool Route Editor hangs up when I try to import the .gbx file that VIRB generated in the Export. I get this error: "The selected .gps time length differs GREATLY from the video length."

Is there a way to combine the clips? I've seen rides that include edits where people have edited out stoplights or other problems.

Is there a better workflow to accomplish this?

This is particularly frustrating because the Bkool site shows a GoPro 8 with the Route Editor on their home page.


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Maybe you need to send this to GoPro.
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