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I have just started commuting to/from the station as it is the only way I can force midweek riding into my routine. I have also got more interested in averages as opposed to distance and I want to check and compare on here firstly that I am doing OK and secondly if I am measuring my average OK (if thats OK with you all of course)

I have a little loop of 7.1 miles on the way back home
I use this for training as I want to do a club 10 TT but i don't want to do one until I know can break even (i.e. under 30 mins) or at least get to a point where I don't embarass myself the slowest rider is a lady junior coming in at 36 minutes

My commute description is thus
Out of the station Turn L I have to go through a set of lights and a further temporary set of lights. Slight up hill them I am on country lanes turn left then the road has about six or seven 90 degree corners. I have a couple of small inclines a short (150m) sharp down hill section over a roundabout further left then the road inclines its not a hill but it is up hill iof you get what I mean then I am in my town. over r/bout Turn right
to bottom left turn right turn through a short alley left, right then home.

I measure this as follows
Note time at start of journey (i.e. foot on pedal ready to push off) this was 6:59:00 commute as described above and I finish when I pull up on drive 7:23:40

So 24 mins 40 seconds and 7.1 miles giving me an average of 17.46 (7.1 / 24.40*60) = 17.46 average

My bike is a cheapie RBSO

Am I measuring it OK as I have 2.5 mph to go before TT time and although I had a bit left in the tank I was quite puffed at the end of it !!!!

I think I will post this in road rides section as well


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Only one problem 24 mins 40 seconds isn't 24.4, it's 24.66666 so your actual average is 17.27 mph

Hope this helps and good luck with the TT.

Get a cheap cycle computer from Aldi. On as a special offer today at £4.99. Then you can measure things a bit better.

Not that I have done a TT, but if you have anything in the tank at the end, you are doing it wrong. The knack is pacing it so that you collapse just as you cross the line.


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It might be better using a GPS tracker so you can look at your speeds in each section as you have quite a few areas where your average speed will be pulled down due to junctions.

Cheap tracking using a phone...
Nokia Series 60 handset use Nokia Sports Tracker
iPhone use MapMyRide's app.


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Firstly, remember you are sharing the road with some dangerous metal boxes.

There are motorists who see a cyclist and 'assume' the cyclist is slow, pull out and BANG.

Find a long stretch of dual carriageway with no junctions.

If you are doing 28 mph, it will be slow compared with the traffic.

Doing 20 mph + on 'country lanes' is not recommended... loose dirt, gravel, manure, sticks etc.

Find a hill and sprint up it...:smile:
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