Netflix Movie Recommendations


Like some of the series on Netflix, Dark, Ozark, Stranger things - but find the movies very hit and miss

So if you watched any good Netflix Movies - post your recommendations here

Kicking off - I watched the irishman - reasonable but done to death plot - and overly long (you could chop an hour of the middle and still keep up with the plot)


North Shields
Beasts of No Nation and Eli are both very good.


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I enjoyed Blindspotting a couple of evenings ago.

NB This trailer (as usual) shows a bit too much of the film so I would just watch a few seconds of it to see if you are interested and if so, stop and watch the film instead!



Flouncing Nobber
My favourite film of recent years and it's on Netflix...


Ben Foster is deliciously menacing, Jeff Bridges turns in a typically fine performance, and Chris Pine proves he can act, and act well that that.


Calibre was a good watch (2 friends going hunting in Scotland).

Replicas was also good, Keanu Reeves.

Avengement is just mindless violence but a reasonable way to fill an hour and a half in.

I spend longer looking through the lists than watching the films...


Puzzle game developer
I just watched 'The Coldest Game' with a couple of pals. Not recommended as a serious film, but as a 'so bad, it is actually quite good' movie some pleasure can still be had. If you don't speak Russian and Polish you can have lots of fun doing fake translations of the dialogue of the many Russian and Polish characters. Since there were no embedded subtitles we assumed that they would either do that cinematic trick of starting to speak English, or they wouldn't be onscreen for long. That turned out to be wrong so we went back to the start of the scene and switched on the CC subtitles.
The Stranger. 8 episodes of a multi layered story about people’s past catching up with them.

Get out. A young chap goes to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. What happens at their large comfortable home is very strange and dangerous.
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