New bike... but what tyres should I get? 700x35mm (ish)


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Hi everyone,

So 'new bike day' came and went a couple of weeks ago. I was sick of replacing parts on my road bike due to commuting on it in all weather, so I found a nice Genesis Day One on ebay and went and picked it up.

Its steel framed with drop bars, disc brakes, full mudguards and a Nexus 8 IGH. For commuting and general pottering about it's amazing.

One problem - I've had two punctures in two weeks, both when riding along the well paved canal towpaths I sometimes use to commute. Its fitted with 35mm CST Sensamo Speed tyres, which I've decided are pretty crap. I run Conti GP5000s on the road bike, and had GP4000s before that, and never had these problems!

So tyre recommendations please! Somewhere around the same 35mm size, good puncture resistance and fairly fast on road would be nice. Also anything with a tan wall option would probably look awesome on the bike!




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Rene Herse - Bon Jon Pass.

Theres an Endurance option if you want some extra protection.


Schwalbe have good puncture resistance. I'm running CX Comp 700x35, roll well, less knobbly than CX Pro, but still grippy on slightly rough surfaces and dirty, wet tarmac.


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I’ve just refitted Schwalbe G One Speed in a 700 x 35 to my road/canal path bike - not as fast as the GP5000’s but pretty good and appear to have decent puncture protection.


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He says good not ultimate. he doesn’t mention all weather commuting being tight on time
Every tyre I have gives good protection as I rarely get punctures (I did 3000 miles last year and didn’t have one and can’t recall if I did in 2019 either) and they roll well and don’t weigh a ton


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When my bike was a few months old, I decided to upgrade the tyres to something reasonably fast rolling, great puncture protection, and comfortable. I went straight to the Schwalbe website and pinpointed the marathon supreme in 40mm. I've used the 35mm version ona previous bike and really like them.

Theyre great in the dry, brilliant in the wet, don't leak air like those skinny road bike tyres, and have wonderful grip. Once they wear out, unless I feel adventurous and want to try something else, I will go back to Schwalbe again.
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