New LBS in Wishaw


Lawrence, NSW
Made my first purchase today from my new LBS.

I can't believe it's been open since October and i hadn't heard about it.

I came across it when i went for a haircut weekend before last. The owner didn't have what i wanted but offered to get some stock in without any obligation for me to buy.

I'm looking forward to the weekend so i can try my new bib longs.:blush:


What's it called and where is it?
A bike shop in Wishie!!! Whatever next???:sad::biggrin:

Seriously though whereabouts is it and what sort of stuff did they have in stock? Might be worth a visit as Wishaw is only 10 minutes (or 20 minutes cycle) up the road from the 'Well

In fact this area has been lacking a decent LBS since Cammie's shop in Hamilton went out of business last year
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