New mtb - full suspension


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Hey guys, i need some advice with getitng a mountain bike under 1k

few of the ones i found :

Boardman MTR 8.6 Mens Full Suspension Mountain Bike - 2019
Voodoo Minustor 650b Full Suspension Mens Mountain Bike - 2018
Voodoo Canzo 650b Mens Full Suspension Mountain Bike - 2018
GT Verb Comp Bike 2019
Jamis Dakar A2 2018 Mountain Bike
ROCKRIDER ST 540 S Full Suspension Mountain bike - 27.5"

any advice is welcome



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Accra, Ghana
Don't really know too much about full sus mountain bikes but if you're going to give it a bit of a caning it might be worth having the reassurance of a lifetime frame warrany that Decathlon gives you.


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Best full sus mtb around that price is the Calibre Bossnut from go outdoors. Otherwise you'll be looking at second hand.


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Hey guys thanks a lot for all your replies, it really helped, i finally got the bossnut. As much as Kona looked amazing it was out of my price range for now :smile:

thanks again !
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