New Tiagra STIs - shims with bikes?

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Hi. Does anyone know whether new bikes supplied with Tiagra levers also come with the shims that can be used to adjust reach, which you get if you buy it as a groupset? The LBS doesn't know, and although they'll upgrade the levers to the R700 reach-adjustable ones if we pay the difference, I'd rather avoid this if poss.

And if they don't, has anyone bought the groupset and has the shims going spare?



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I just got a pinnicle from evans as a winter bike, it has Tigra but def no shims with it.
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Just bought a Country Explorer from the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op and it has Tiagra fitted. No shims fitted but they gave me the thin shims (4mm) and they will supply the thick ones (8mm) if i need them.


I bought a Giant SCR 2 last year. It came with the shims - it took me a wee while to work out what they were. I fitted them and it made a big difference to by braking.

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Crackle, no, the other sizes don't fit, but the LBS has now confirmed that they can get hold of the required shims, so Mrs G will be able to stop going down hills now.

Thanks for comments.
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