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Hello all :o)

Decided to upgrade from my 25 year old raleigh and i like the look of the SPECIALIZED SIRRUS SPORT. My local bike shop has it for £499 but there is a 2009 secondhand one for sale and i was hoping someone could give me an idea of the value? As i said it's an 09 model which is in excellent nick apart from a few minor wear and tear marks according to the blurb. The thing is, it is one of those annoying ads where the seller just put offers instead of a fixed price.

Thanks in advance.


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I'm no expert but invariably the answer to this question is "a lot less than you think". SH bike values are for *nothing*. I'd start by sniffing round the 'net for sales of last year's moels, you may well find that this year's model is £500, the same thing last year was £450 but that Joe Bloggs cycles picked up 20 of the end of line and is knocking them out at £300. It happens all the time. You then start on wear and use. If it's had average use and no accidents, so the odd scuff but nothing nasty, I'd be looking at 2/3 of its new price as being fair, falling to half in year 2. Of course if Joe Bloggs cycles' figure is less than this then factor this in.

You need to see it really, it does depend on condition. I have an old MTB that I bought new in 95. In about 97-98 I considered selling it and was offered £100 tradein. It had been a £450 bike that I got for £350 or 400 as it was last year's model, so £100 represented a big drop. That said, it was well worn by then and I doubt anyone would have offered £200.


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Just to let you know i paid £320 for it but it was actually the 2010 model not the 2009. Goes like a rocket though a bit scary at speed due to the thin tyres :cheers:
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