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Hi, newbie here so be gentle, I am 15 years old and like cycling,I love BMX and just bought a Haro bike,but I would like to start riding racing road bikes but I have not got a clue which bike to purchase, I work hard during the holidays and earn good money so I have saved about £500,so which make and model should I try as a complete novice?,any pointers would be welcome


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Specialised or Trek will probly provide best bang for your buck if they do anything for £500.

Unless you are interested in fixed/SS then you may be able to pick up something a bit flashier in terms of frame/hardware for the cash (since the bike is simpler and less kit on it), but you will obviously only have 1 gear.


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Unfortunately you will be hard pressed to find the Specialized Allez much cheaper then £499. Most of the big bike companies have fixed prices. What I do suggest you do however is go to one of your local bike stores (lbs), one of them will no doubt do Specialized bikes, then wrangle a load of freebie accessories.
(*also thinks I remember a sepcialized accessories deal running at the moment, off to check*)
I was eyeing that bike up, I'm the same age as you and just come off trials bike.

54-56 frames were perfect, and I'm just about average height, so if you are looking for that, that's probably a good size.

Although I'm not no where near as experienced as others on this forum. I think you should consider something like this; which gives you spare cash to kit yourself out with.


Another to consider is the Giant Defy 3.5 which is a similar spec to the Speciaized above
lazyj said:
You wont go wrong with this as a starter, and its bang on the money to at £499.99
+1 on that, i bought the allez 16 in may and have to say i find it a very good bike easy to ride and quite a comfy seat plus the gear changes are very slick and smooth, i paid £499 for mine at the lbs and thought it reasonable for the quality of bike that i was getting, good luck if you buy the allez 16 and safe riding.
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