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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Stevei T, 30 Apr 2010.

  1. Stevei T

    Stevei T New Member

    Afternoon all.
    At the age of slightly over 40 i decided to stop looking like a food junkie/ beer monster.
    Last March i dug my mountain bike from the back of the shed and talked myself into a bike ride. 5 miles later and nearly dead i questioned my sanity. 1 year on and 2 stone lighter im doing the c2c this whitsun.
    Self back slapping over, i wonder if anyone can help with a couple of Questions i have.
    1. What is the best rear tyre for a mountain bike which is used predominently on the road, but also around the sea wall and fields where i live. (At the moment i have a high pressure panaracer Mach ss which seems to have a stone attracting magnet attached).
    2. Is there really that much difference between a mountain bike and a hybrid for road use.
    Sorry if this is long winded for a 1st post but i've got the bug badly.

  2. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin The Marmalade Kid

    did you mean to post this in Beginners? :rofl:
  3. OP
    Stevei T

    Stevei T New Member

    No idea really. This is a first for me
  4. g00se

    g00se Über Member

    Hi, I would think something like a Continental Town and Country might be a good compromise for the fields too. I'm assuming you don't mean wet and ploughed! :laugh:

    Depending on what sort of mountain bike you have (what is it by the way?) I would think it'll be a lot lighter, easier and faster on the roads.

    But hang on... you want to know what it'd be like....? Sounds like the perfect excuse to spend a day nipping around the local bike shops and trying things out! :laugh:
  5. OP
    Stevei T

    Stevei T New Member

    Thanks for the advice on the tyre, and no the fields are fairly flat.
    My bike is a Minerva, 24 gear with front suspension. Its a good solid frame, shimano altus gears and not overly heavy (or so ive been told).
    I think it should be ok for the C2C, but in my infinite wisdom ive also signed up to do the London - Cambridge with a couple of mates who ride hybrids.
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