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Many happy returns for Mrs R. :birthday:


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Bags are packed, just a couple things to do this morning then it's off , hotel near Gatwick tonight and fly tomorrow to Mexico.



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Hmm, sounds like they may have found the reason for my cousin's son's pedal falling off.

Seems he gets a mention as well, though they haven't offered him any compensation.

The issue with the brackets, which could prevent cyclists from pedaling, potentially affected one bike in every 5,000, it said. It has already resulted in one cyclist breaking their fibula, or calf bone.
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I don't think I posted this before but for the first time in maybe 17 years......i have all the break between Xmas and the new year off. :hyper:

I managed to wrangle it weeks ago and every now and then I remember I've got it off....and smile :smile:
The last time I worked between Christmas and New Year was 1985 :-)
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