Nice One Lance

Well Now Then,12seconds down on a rider 8yrs younger in what was a difficult if not entertaining 2010 Tour of Switzerland.NICE ONE LANCE.It was a pity that some of the riders that were brought down in the CAV FIASCO with the Jumping Jack Rabbit ending up on his back with a liberal amount of Road Rash for his perpetual YOU ARE NOT PASSING ME tactics.A Freudian Link/reminder was deposited on my rear patio on Saturday evening,my 10yr old very tiny female cat deposited the arse end (back legs and exhaust system only) of a young rabbit as a trophy/gift to endorse what happened to one ducking and diving little perisher in a sprint on a home run.Happy and Safe Riding to You All.

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rich p

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John the Monkey said:
You two are going to be GUTTED when the early half of 2010 turns out to have been a season long version of THE LOOK.
The LOOK that turns potential litigants to stone:ohmy:

Go get 'em Floyd:biggrin:

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