Nice place to go in October?


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Hi all

As my summer has been pretty much written off by a nasty infection xx( , I am thinking of going somewhere sunny in October for a week. I'd like to do some training or guided rides - road bike. Y'know accommodation, food etc all in. Nice scenery would be good as would decent temperatures if possible. I have researched already on Google and come up with a few things, but can any CycleChatters recommend me somewhere?




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Well if you want warm weather i guess you have to look abroad, spain, the canary islands etc.
I too am looking but will probably wait until next year.
I read cycle mags and they have lots of cycling holidays in the back pages,some
self catering some guided.
Let me know what you opt for.


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The Rapid City area of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Absolutely breath taking, great biking and plenty of attractions and a slew of places to stay, preferably bed and breakfasts.

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I will be in Mallorca in Oct myself. Have been warned that it is the rainy month there, but goingto be a lot warmer than here either way. I went to Florida last summer, and the rain there was something else with the beaches being no better than Spain (Clearwater was nice though, but very expensive). Mallorca is rammed with cyclists in the summer when I've been as well. It is well geared up for it.


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I've just spent a week in Corsica and it was nice. I would go back but would definitely go at a time when hire cars were available and the weather was cooler for cycling.

Flybe go to Calvi from Manchester, it's a 2 hour flight, Calvi airport is 15 minutes from the town, car hire at the airport very easy (no cars available during French holidays) and you could stay at the Regina hotel which has a massive car park accessed with your key card. Food and drink are OK, lots of meat, little fish, good snorkelling and nice scenery. There's bike hire in Calvi but not road bikes, you'd need to go elsewhere for that. Being a French holiday destination there are no British chavs and lager louts as the French don't tolerate riff-raff and would certainly refuse to speak English or cook sausages and eggs.


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Cheers dudes, alas Birmingham is too far and South Dakota is a sh*thole.;)

Or is that the other way around?

Algarve cd be nice, cheers Accy :smile:
Well it's obvious you have never been to Western South Dakota, too bad. It's one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
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