Nightmare -simple task problem .


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How a simple job went wrong .The past few weeks our hot tap in the shower room has gone from full flow to a trickle .No prob this is the final hot tap which has done this .All provided by the contractor of our big house makeover .
My mate a property repair chap .When he was in our area would change it .He came today .Tap swapped over ,making him a brew .I asked why should a floor three years old bounce so much .Not enough screws or nails in the boards .
Right when my knee is fully right i will take up the cushion floor and look .He said don't bother i'll do it now .

All hell broke loose .The shower has been leaking for ages .Maybe from the first day .Mould black and smelly .Behind the skirting just going up the tiled walls.Normal plasterboard in the shower .Floor rotten two foot out away from tray .Tray had to come out rot near drain hole .

Phone call to insurers,they are coming out tomorrow .

This could be a big job .All tiles off and new floor .

Worst part it has to be done .And who pays we don't know .



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Don't replace the tiles, use Mermaid shower board. Costly but never leaks and never goes mildewy.
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