Northumberland Cycle Paths


Does anyone know of any traffic free routes especially around the Hexham area.
Its been a while since last been on a bike and if I'm being honest I fear I may soil my new shorts if I have to negotiate cars and god forbid lorry's at the moment.
So I would like to get a few miles under my belt to allow myself and the new bike to become better acquainted.

Sorry in advance for letting the side down!!!!!!!!


What kind of bike? If it's a hybrid or MTB, then head up to Kielder reservoir. There's a cycle path going all the way round it.

Otherwise there isn't really anything traffic-free, the best you can do is head onto the smaller country roads where traffic is far less frequent.
I was in Northumberland yesterday and today, and my car satnav managed to find some fairly obscure roads which, had it not have been for my satnav sending me along them, would have been car free. The best one was the road which had a large bale of straw across the single track which required a 500 metre reverse to the field entrance to turn around.


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Are you in Northumberland for a short while or are you living here now? There are lots of quiet country roads once you go west out of newcastle.

Our cycle club uses pontelant as a base and head out from there and regularly head towards hexham


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Hadrian's Cycleway goes through Hexham to the coast in both directions. I've only done the Stocksfield to Tynemouth section but that's virtually all traffic free. It's intended for folks who want a nice stress-free ride. Most of it follows the river to the coast through some pretty places.


Although not detailed as to the condition, there is detail about where the routes run.

THis can then be investigated by google maps


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I manage to get to Northumberland a couple of times a year. The roads a very quiet with the exception of the A1 and A697. While I understand your reluctance to mix it with the other traffic at first, once you gain some confidence there are miles of great little roads to explore and some lovely cafés too.
If you are stopping in Hexham. Ride down the Tyne to Tynemouth, (use either bank to Prudhoe but the Corbridge side is better) cross over the North Shields ferry, ride down to (please forgive me for using bad language) Sunderland Train back to Hexham, Country, town and coastal paths all in one ride and usually a canny bit crack (not the sort you smoke but it can be blistering if you mention MT)


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There's loads of traffic free roads around Hexham - try going up to Allendale and around that area - or to Corbridge by the back road from Egger (chipboard plant) - or up to Slaley and Blanchland or across to Stamfordham....

As I say there's loads of really great rides around Hexham - just need to get to know some of the back roads - take your bike up to the racecourse and there's mile after mile of deserted roads to cycle.
Use this map to find some really good roads - don't be put off that it's the route for the Hexham killer - once you're on top of the North Pennines there's loads of routes that don't involve major climbs.


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Bit late to the party here but you can go west from Hexham along the Tyne to Warden, then the road through Fourstones/Newbrough and up the Stanegate is fairly quiet. You can ride down in to Haydon Bridge to avoid ending up on the A69, where you could get a train... or ride up Langley, and left towards Hexham. There is some traffic on these roads (if you ride bike down in to Hexham the way I suggest then there'll be a fair bit, but you could always get off and walk though the busiest part of town), but not a great deal. I hadn't cycled for years and years and my first rides were around Haydon Bridge/Allendale before I started braving some busier roads where I live.


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All this reminds me of last week when I decided to use what looked like a quiet little road running parallel to the canal & turned out to be a small industrial estate! Wish I had a few quiet roads.


Seriously guys thanks for the advice and understanding.
I'm working up here on a semi permanent basis at moment ,and I must say what a beautiful part of the world it is.
Think I am gonna try the Kielder route ..........

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